Simplify, Streamline and Automate Intern Applications

gtern is a cloud-based solution that supports all stages of the intern management process.

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gtern has been built to meet all your needs

Automate your intern management process from beginning to end. Make your work faster and more efficient

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Automate workflow

Save time and automate repetitive administrative tasks. Reduce reliance on manual paperwork.

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Streamline communication

Quickly and efficiently communicate with Reviewers and Applicants. Automated notifications are sent via email or text message.

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Cloud-based solution

Store and share documents in one place, providing 24/7 online access to data based on assigned roles. All data are  protected by 256-bit SSL Encryption

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Create applications and collect data

GTern gives you flexibility to run many programs simultaneously. With our tools you can quickly and easily customize application questions to your needs. Application supports all possible question types including multi-category and dependent questions (ability to duplicate questions on application form when needed)

Click to see Key features of Application management:

   Application form can be completed without login

   Application form can be completed partially

   Application form can be completed by multiple people

   All data is scanned by anti-virus software

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Make it easier for reviewers

Gtern allows you more freedom in the review process, it can be multistage review, you can assign multiple reviewers to one application. And each of the reviewers has access to the application any-time, anywhere, and on any device.

Click to see Key features of Review management:

   Role-based permissionsn

   Automated score

   Multistage review

   Automated notifications

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Manage all Data in one place

Gtern give you a full overview of the grants process via interactive Dashboards. You can track conversations, calls and emails.

Click to see key features of data management:

   View processes via interactive Dashboards

   Tracking all processes in one place

   Powerful Reporting

    Export to Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML and JSON CMS

Maintain Program and Inspect Applicants

Accepting the right Applicant is only one part of your internship program responsibilities.” “You need to provide compliance reports for various stakeholders and be able to replicate the process annually”. “gtern provides this and more 

All you need: Your Internship Management Software – Key Features

gtern understands your needs and has a software solution built specifically for internship management. Let Us Help You

Form Builder

Ready-to-use form (based on over 6 years of experience) You can quickly and easily adapt application questions to the program requirements

Applications Website

Share your form online by embedding link to application on your site. Or by one click create dedicated website for applicants

Customized Workflow

Quickly define appropiated workflow for each Program separately. Turn ON or OFF each section like single multi or reviews, letters of recommendation, maintain application etc.

Automated Letters of Recommendation

gtern automatically requests letters of recommendation from professors

Automated Notifications

Set and send automated messages to system users via email or text. gtern keeps Applicants informed of the status of their application pro-actively, thus reducing redundant phone and email queries.

Reviewer Panel

Reviewers have access to all necessary information in one place based on assigned rights. They can access applications any-time, anywhere, and on any device.

Tracking data

View all processes via interactive Dashboards, track conversations, calls and emails. You can also easily export data to Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML and JSON Internship Content Management System

Reporting & Analytics

Every interact with your Applicants, Reviewers and other Users are stored and easily accessed. No more digging through a messy inbox or spreadsheet to figure out what’s going on

Maintain and Inspect

gtern provides assistance throughout the entire process: from application development, data collection, evaluation and selection of Applicants, to project maintenance

Testimonials. What some of our clients say…


"We have used the REU Intern Software for the last 5 years. Very pleased with the results, responsive support, and just how easy to manage. "

REU Program Manager

Cornell Center for Materials Research, Cornell Universit

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Cloud-based solution that supports all stages of the internship management process

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