Internship Application Management Software

GTern understands your needs and has a software solution developed specifically for internship managment

Fact Sheet

The internship application process is very complicated and must be completed in a compressed time peroid, about 8-10 weeks, once a year, every year. The process entails many hundreds of Candidates, thousands of pages of data and many individual staff members. This is a very complex process that needs to be done correctly.


  • Create application forms based upon specific grant, University & Department criteria
  • Disseminate application forms to prospective Candidates
  • Manage multiple internship programs simultaneously
  • Overlay on existing websites

Process applications

  • Obtain letters of reference directly from third parties
  • Transcripts
  • Resumes
  • Writing samples
  • Additional back up documentation
  • Time frame review and reminders for additional **
  • Noctifications to Candidate by Text/Email

Review Completed Applications

  • Forward only completed applications
  • Objective vs. subjective
  • Grant/University/Department CriteriaSend out auto offers
  • Track accepted offers
  • Offers/rejections sent via Text/Email or U.S.P.S to Candidates

Tracking & Reporting

  • Compliance with Grant/University & Department requirements
  • Fully customizable
  • Manage staff/
  • Exportable to Excel, **
  • Dashboard reviews


Cloud-based solution that supports all stages of the internship management process

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